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“Read me a Book, Mom & Dad!”

The App that Reads to Your Kids. Get it TODAY!

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Looking to get your kids into reading? English Library has got your back!

Encourages young readers by inviting them into the world of English, in a fun and exciting way! And in these tough economic times English Library delivers value for money. The print versions of each one of these books costs around $9.97. The FREE App comes packed with 5 books (digital) included. And you get the entire collection of 70 books for a one time (not a subscription) payment of $14.99. This could be one of your best decisions ever for your little ones.

Early reading is proven to develop your child’s cognitive skills; improving their ability to think and understand.

The difference in performance between early-readers and children who don’t read habitually is astounding. The University of Michigan conducted a study that showed students exposed to reading before preschool were significantly more likely to perform better when they reach formal education. Early reading is the key to your child’s – not just academic – but also social success. Instill the love of reading for your child by downloading English Library. Try English Library for FREE today – Open the Door to the World of Reading! :

Inspiring A Lifetime Love of Reading – One book at a time.

English Library not only teaches the basic levels of reading and English – but establishes a foundation of making reading a habit; not a chore. This is done by making English exciting and interesting through beautiful illustrations and easily paced progression. Not long after getting the app – a once reluctant to read child may also develop a habit of asking, “Mom, can I see those books on your phone!” Your child will learn more than just grammar or spelling. They will learn, and enjoy the magic of books. Reading will become a part of life, not school homework. The benefits of reading from an early-age are widely and well documented. English Library makes it easy to achieve this – from just one easy-to-install app, you can set up your child for a life of success with a background of well-developed linguistic skills.

Story Books that Come to Life

Each of the 70 story books that English Library provides reads out the pages as your child turns them. The voice-over is done by a native English speaker with perfect pronunciation. If you cannot find the time to read with your child, know that English Library allows your child the independence to read by themselves all whilst learning accurate pronunciation. And soon, your child might be the one reading to you!

Reading At the Right Level

English Library allows your child to develop their reading skills one step at a time – at a pace they’re most comfortable with. Easing into more intermediate levels from simple stories that teach the basics allows your little one to be confident in their ability. Every next book is a new milestone, building on previous topics and introducing new ones. Our app is designed in a way as to not overwhelm your child. We stand firmly by the belief that if something is fun, learning happens by itself.

Improving Your Child’s English

If English is your native language, improving your child’s English skills from a young age helps them to develop more polished grammar and wider vocabulary. This directly allows them to participate in more advanced discussions and gives them the creative freedom to write and read what they enjoy most. If English isn’t your native language, your child still gets all those benefits and more! Doors will open to new career opportunities abroad and within your nation; and they will have confidence in communicating

with people of all different backgrounds. Your child will be able to establish connections throughout the world with the unity of this universal language

Bond Over Books

If you think back to your childhood, you are likely to recall a fond memory of a parent reading you a storybook. Reading with your child is both quality time and a learning experience. With English Library you strengthen the bond between you and your child – and the app provides a huge selection of 70 books to read through one by one! Your child will forever appreciate this one small activity; and the benefits will stretch far into adulthood.

Download The App & Get 5 Books for Free!

Get the Massive Collection of 70 Story Books for a one-time payment of just $14.99!

That’s right! You can test the app with your child and read the five free books. Watch magic happen before your eyes as your child falls in love with reading.

You can purchase the whole collection for only $14.99. A small investment that will quickly pay itself back through the head start you’ve given your child!

Try English Library for FREE today:
Download the App and Enjoy the first 5 books entirely free, following which you can upgrade and access the entire collection of 70 Read-to-Me Story Books

English Library features:

- 70 Gorgeously Illustrated books for your child to develop their love of reading!

- Easy to follow, slow progression of language from simple to intermediate so your child can go at their own pace!

- High-quality audio that reads the book as your child turns the pages – allowing them the independence to read the books themselves and learn proper pronunciation!

- 5 Books Free with no ads, because every child should get to experience the wonder of books.

Get the Print Version also!

Digital books may be more convenient, but nothing beats the feeling of holding the real deal in your hands. Get your child’s favourite books in print version – available on Amazon. They make a perfect surprise gift that will only deepen your child’s love of English!

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The First Steps To A life Time Of Reading

And 70 Books Is a Great First Step!

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